Source code for discordaio.voice

from typing import Optional
from .base import DiscordObject

[docs]class VoiceState(DiscordObject): """Used to represent a user's voice connection status. Attributes: guild_id (:obj:`int`, optional): the guild id this voice state is for channel_id (:obj:`int`): the channel id this user is connected to user_id (:obj:`int`): the user id this voice state is for session_id (:obj:`str`): the session id for this voice state deaf (:obj:`bool`): whether this user is deafened by the server mute (:obj:`bool`): whether this user is muted by the server self_deaf (:obj:`bool`): whether this user is locally deafened self_mute (:obj:`bool`): whether this user is locally muted suppress (:obj:`bool`): whether this user is muted by the current user """ def __init__(self, guild_id: Optional[int]=None, channel_id: int=0, user_id: int=0, session_id: str='', deaf=False, mute=False, self_deaf=False, self_mute=False, suppress=False): self.guild_id: int = guild_id self.channel_id = channel_id self.user_id = user_id self.session_id = session_id self.deaf = deaf self.mute = mute self.self_deaf = self_deaf self.self_mute = self_mute self.suppress = suppress
[docs]class VoiceRegion(DiscordObject): """ Attributes: id (:obj:`str`): unique ID for the region name (:obj:`str`): name of the region vip (:obj:`bool`): true if this is a vip-only server optimal (:obj:`bool`): true for a single server that is closest to the current user's client deprecated (:obj:`bool`): whether this is a deprecated voice region (avoid switching to these) custom (:obj:`bool`): whether this is a custom voice region (used for events/etc) """ def __init__(self, id="", name="", vip=False, optimal=False, deprecated=False, custom=False): = id = name = vip self.optimal = optimal self.deprecated = deprecated self.custom = custom
__all__ = [ 'VoiceState', 'VoiceRegion', ]