Source code for discordaio.invite

import discordaio
from .base import DiscordObject

[docs]class Invite(DiscordObject): """Represents a code that when used, adds a user to a guild. .. versionadded:: 0.2.0 """ def __init__(self, code="", guild: 'discordaio.Guild' = None, channel: 'discordaio.Channel' = None, inviter: 'discordaio.User' = None, uses=0, max_uses=0, max_age=0, temporary=False, created_at=None, revoked=False): self.code = code self.guild = guild = channel self.inviter = inviter self.uses = uses self.max_uses = max_uses self.max_age = max_age self.temporary = temporary self.created_at = created_at self.revoked = revoked async def _from_api_ext(self, key, value): if key == 'guild': setattr(self, key, await discordaio.Guild.from_api_res(value)) elif key == 'channel': setattr(self, key, await discordaio.Channel.from_api_res(value)) elif key == 'inviter': setattr(self, key, await discordaio.User.from_api_res(value)) else: return await super()._from_api_ext(key, value)
__all__ = [ 'Invite' ]